Step #1

The PAID Board has been asked to place this item on the public agenda for discussion. The date will be provided when available. The residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions and we will ask the Board to consider the “self-dissolution” of PAID which is legally allowable by Florida State Statute 189.072(1). If the Board agrees, requiring the majority plus one to approve the measure, then we will proceed to Step #3. If the Board fails to place this initiative for public discussion or does not approve this measure, then we will proceed to Step #2.

Step #2

The residents will initiate a petition campaign asking the City, as a local general-purpose government, to pass an ordinance or resolution in support of the dissolution of PAID. This is also legally allowable by Florida State Statute 189.072(2). If the ordinance or resolution passes we will go to Step #3.

Step #3

The residents and the City, will work with our District State Representative to sponsor a bill in Tallahassee, asking for the dissolution of PAID, through a Special Act, and transitioning PAID’s powers, duties, and responsibilities to the City. If the Special Act passes we will go to Step #4.

Step #4

The Florida Legislature will then place a referendum, on the November 2026 General Election Broward County Ballot, for the resident electors of Plantation Acres to approve the Special Act dissolving PAID. The referendum must be approved by a majority of the resident electors. If the referendum is approved by the resident electors, the transitioning process will begin.

The transition process is described below:

  • The City would assume PAID’s powers, duties, responsibilities, assets, liabilities, and debts.
  • Consideration should be taken in changing the name to the Plantation Acres Water Management District.
  • It would be re-created as a Dependent Special District, with oversight authority by the City.
  • The City Councilmembers, the Mayor, and Administration, will have FULL control over the new Dependent Special District.
  • Since our area has specific needs for flood control and water management, the Non Advalorem Taxes would still be collected from the residents of Plantation Acres. The taxes will be placed under a specific budget and not co-mingled with other City funds. The funds from this budget will be used strictly for flood control and water management in Plantation Acres.
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