The City’s Code Enforcement Department works with residents in an effort to ensure compliance with the City’s rules, regulations, and standards.

The statements below are copied directly from the City’s website:

Code Enforcement Mission Statement

  • To work in partnership with the people of Plantation to improve the quality of life for the residents and businesses within the community through the enforcement of the codes and ordinances of the City;
  • To provide fair and impartial treatment to the people of Plantation with the enforcement of ordinance violations, and keep voluntary compliance as our main objective;
  • To provide the public with the timely response to complaints, being attentive to their concerns, and taking the necessary steps to ensure complaint resolution;
  • To obtain compliance with City Codes through formal enforcement action only after giving persons the opportunity to voluntarily correct violations.

PAID was officially enacted as an Independent Special District in 2002, by the Florida Legislature Special Act 2002 - 367. The act provides the structure and PAID’s powers, duties, and responsibilities. The act provides NO POWERS to PAID to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, and standards.

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