Based on information derived from a public records request, the Fiscal Year (FY) 22 PAID Budget will be used as an example.

For FY 22 Total Expenses amount to $1,014, 581.62

Total Expenses to the District Engineer, including the Plats and Permits expenditures, amount to $317,118.61. This amount represents 31% of the Total Expenses.

Total Expenses to PAID employees, including the Commissioners, for salaries, benefits, pensions and other expenses, amount to $379,967.31. This amount represents 37% of the Total Expenses.

The additional below listed categories, are expenses paid to contracted service providers:

Legal Counsel: $23,137.50
*Administration: $38,400.00
Insurance General: $31,867.00
Fiscal Year Audit: $10,000.00
Website: $2,060.00
Financial Expenses: $71,334.89

The Total Expenses from these categories amount to $176,799.39. This amount represents 17% of the Total Expenses.

When adding the expenses from these categories it amounts to $873,885.21. This amount represents 86% of the expenditures for FY 22. That is more than 3/4 of the expenditures being spent in areas that could be considered as duplicate services, rather than the critical flood control and water management system.

*Administration - This is a contract provider acting as the District Administrator

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